Update from Uganda

October-November 1996

In my bedroom?

One evening this past month after we had finished our devotions, Alisha went to her bedroom The next thing we heard was, "People, there's a snake in my room." She had tried to shut the door to her room as she entered, but it didn't shut right. Unknowingly, she had shut the neck of the snake in the door, "Praise God," and broke its neck. By the time we got to her room the snake was coiled in the doorway, but unable to do anything. We verified through a local veterinarian that it was a deadly viper. In the words of our men, "This one is very tough," "a terrible fighter." God is so good to us. He protects His children and ours. It may have been that you were praying for us and God answered your prayer. Keep praying.

Tororo church gets a new roof.

We have tried to teach our people here about giving. One of the churches we work with in Tororo had a small mud church with a grass roof, but the wind blew off the roof for the second time. We had our people pray about helping them. Our church along with a church in Kampala and one in Kenya all gave shillings and manpower to put a tin roof on their church.

Andrew and I took several men from our church to this remote village and helped put the roof on. While we were there we had three people saved. One couple that I had married there two years ago gave 1,000 bricks and several others made commitments to start tithing. Our example was a key as they could see the bible being lived through our people.

On the way back we stopped at another village where about two years ago we led one man to the Lord. There is now a church in that village and that man is now the pastor. He is still learning and had never baptized so we assisted him in baptizing 16 converts. We walked 1 miles to the river to baptize. One of the ladies I had the privilege to baptize waked the entire distance carrying a baby. She, like many, here has one leg and foot swollen to twice the normal size. When these people find the truth, they are willing to do whatever it takes to obey.

Baptismal training

As we have been training our men in the institute and they are beginning to go out, we have also begin to train them in practical things. Each time we baptize I have one of our men get in the baptistery with me and he is taught how to baptize. The next time he does it by himself. I love to baptize, but it is more important that these men learn and are prepared. Two weeks ago they baptized four and have several ready for the next baptismal.

Rebels attempt to overthrow

Rebels took over the town of Kasese about 70 miles away in the middle of November and were driven out a week later. Today, they came back into Kasese again. Their target was "Mbarara". We are in no immediate danger, but we do ask that you pray for Uganda. That God would keep the doors open for the gospel here.

Bible culture in Africa

Our men have been working in several villages, preaching, evangelizing and attempting to start churches. Two of our men have been working in a village close to Muhanga. They have been distributing literature, and holding meetings there. When they first went the people welcomed them with open arms. When they returned the Anglican church, which had never held any special meeting before started scheduling meetings at the same time our men were to hold theirs. We were told that they were threatening them and stirring up the people against us. The next time they went our men were met by a mob with sticks (these sticks are used as clubs, spears, etc.). These men, as Paul put it in 1 Thess. 2:2, "were shamefully entreated". As they were literally running them out they were showing that they had been listening to our men and reading the literature. The were shouting, "we will die in our sins but we will not change." When you study the book of Acts you will see that we are having bible experiences in an African culture.

Another one of our men has been witnessing to those around his village. After he had witnessed to one lady many times, she said almost the exact thing. She said, "My faith is in the rosary. If I have to die in my sins I will, but I will not change". They buried her last week.

Answer to Prayer

We have been asking you to pray for us concerning a better vehicle. The 1977 Land Rover we have is wearing out and will make a cripple out of you too. I just spent one month with my back out of place after taking it to Kisoro.

Lancaster Baptist Church in California called and we were speaking to them during one of their mission conference services. God led pastor Chappel to take a special offering to help us with a vehicle. It came to $5,038. With this and the other gifts we have received in the past, a special gift from my mother and also our Director, we are now looking seriously for a vehicle. To God be the glory, great things He hath done.

Have a very Merry Christfilled Christmas!

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