The Sowards Newsletter

June 1, 1997

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

Greetings from the saints on the Colville Reservation. We trust that this finds you all doing well and prospering in the Lord's work. We are fine here and God continues to bless His work.

We thank God for our baby Christians. Some are growing faster than others but we see growth in most of them. Last week, three of our young which had been on drugs and alcohol decided to visit the A.A. meeting which took place in the basement of the catholic church. All three got up and gave their testimonies. In the A.A. meetings the people are instructed to get up and give their names and then make the statement, "I AM AN ALCOHOLIC." Then they are to tell how they have been doing, etc. These young men got up and gave their names and said "I was once an alcoholic but Jesus Christ has saved me and delivered me from alcohol and drugs and immorality and all the other sinful things I once indulged in." They just about broke up the A.A. meeting. When they told us about this, all I could say was, "PRAISE GOD!"

We have had some baptized already but we still need to baptize some of the others. The water is really cold. We are still having run off from the snow higher up on the mountains.

We have been having Bible studies at the church building every Monday and Friday evenings besides our regular Wednesday Evening and Sunday services. We want to ground these new Christians as soon as possible. There are a few that are dragging their feet (SO T SPEAK) but most of them are coming along very well. It is amazing how some of them are so eager and ready to witness and testify to others.

Tomorrow we start ripping off the roof of the church building and replacing the roof; new trusses sheeting and shingles. We are hoping to get it all done in two days. We have been having rain here almost every day. We are praying that the Lord will hold the rain back for the next two days.

It is such a blessing to know that we have brothers & sisters in Christ like you all who support us with prayers & finances. We love you all.

Sincerely Yours in Him,

Bro. Sowards & Family

PO Box 12964
Houston, TX 77217

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