May/June 1997

Emergency Prayer Urged for Governor Bush's Request for Faith-Based Ministries to Operate "The Throw Away--Run Away Generation"

A society that has abandoned their children, cannot long survive. Because we have failed to "Bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord," we must now face the consequences. Almost every 30 days, 300 pleas come for us to take children. The biggest age group is 9 to 14--just children.

"Statistics report over 150,000 children disappear every 12 months"

An early-morning call came recently with a weeping mother begging us to take her 14- year-old daughter who was raped and is now pregnant.

I have on my desk a syllabus, for a law-enforcement seminar on Cult Awareness, procured by a friend.

In the report, one individual who was heavily involved in the occult says, "I estimate there may be between 50 and 60 thousand human sacrifices per year in this country."

We are constantly reminded by milk cartons, post-office posters and missing persons reports that s tatistics report over 150,000 children disappear every 12 months, and this is probably an underestimate.

We are shockingly reminded of these kinds of reports when the FBI paid us a visit and informed us a person in one of our homes has been involved in an occult murder in which a 13- year-old was brutally killed in a satanic ritual.

At present, the request of Governor George Bush concerning the operation of faith-based ministries is in the legislative process. Pray that House bill No. 2482 will be passed by the House of Representatives without major changes. If passed, we would once again be able to help children under 18.

Yours for God and Our Children,

Brother Cameron


You may call our main number: (512) 265-9911, for a recorded update on the progress of this bill. You will be informed as to when to call your representative or senator.

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