The Porters Newsletter

April 1997

FIELD ADDRESS:....PO Box 8402, Witbank 1035.....South Africa

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. It's more than just a song, it's the truth. Anna Marie has grown strong and has proved herself already by her singing ability in the church. Anna Marie Porter was born February 5, 1997, and we thank the Lord for her. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. Our thanks to all of you who have prayed for her safe delivery. We have so much to be thankful for as a family.

Realistically in Africa we have had times of discouragement both in the work and in our personal lives, but what makes up for it is when we see our folks grow and become excited about serving Christ. Everything is new to them. Cindy led our son Samuel to the Lord recently during a midweek service. Peter Philips was saved last August, and he faithfully leads the singing in our church. Peter has just won his first soul to the Lord through the hospital ministry. Daniel on April 6th preached his first sermon in the church during a Sunday evening service. He preached a good salvation message in Zulu, and our people were greatly challenged; two responded during the invitation and received the Lord. Amen! Daniel's sister Elizabeth drove out from Johannesburg just for the service. Elizabeth stayed with us that night and spoke to Cindy about her need to be saved, but she still had many unanswered questions. Please be praying for her!

The first Sunday of each month is a special time for us as a church family. We meet together for a church Bri (BBQ) and fellowship between the Sunday services. It makes for a long day, but it has strengthened our stakes as a church family. We have been having a good number of visitors in our services each week. Two weeks ago while on visitation, the boys and I met a man by the name of Martin Manala. This past Sunday Martin came and trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior. The following night he asked to go out soulwinning. That week he also attended midweek services, and Sunday morning Martin joined us in the hospital ministry. What a blessing when one starts running the minute his feet hit the ground. Pray for Martin's spiritual growth as I trust God will use him.

We have recently been asked to hold services at a Juvenile Prison facility within the Witbank Police Department. Pray the Lord would use this opportunity to see souls saved and burden some of our men to become involved in a prison ministry. There is absolutely no end to the number of outreaches that are available here. The increased spreading of AIDS in South Africa has claimed many lives amongst the students in the schools where we preach. Time has now become the greatest factor in reaching these people. There is so much here that needs to be done. Pray that God gives us wisdom needed to reach the lost in our area of influence.

"...The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few." Matthew 9:37

Cindy and the children send their greetings. We have all been greatly encouraged by the number of you who have written. Your concern and interest in the work is an encouragement; the birthday cards and letters are greatly appreciated. We must keep focused on others. We are His ambassadors, the church His embassy on earth to reach the lost. Thanks for all you do.

Love in Christ,

The Porter Family

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