The Pillow Newsletter

July, August, September 1996

Dear Pastor Nichols and Church,

We would like to begin this month's new letter by thanking each of you for your prayers for Kitty during her stay in the hospital. The operation was a success and she was able to leave the hospital after only four days. Her doctor was very pleased with the way she came through the surgery. She is recuperating very well at home and although the doctor has given her the okay to return to normal house-hold chores, she cannot do any heavy lifting for sometime yet. Continue prayer for her recuperation.

The English Bible Study is coming along fine. We have actually seen some spiritual growth in some of the people as well as an increase in attendance during the month of August, which is usually the slowest month of the year. This was due to the many visitors from England over for their holiday and visiting some of the people who come to the bible Study. We had one lady named Sandra who has been coming for the last month is starting to ask questions about salvation. Pray that God would save her and use her to bring many others to Christ.

The Spanish work is coming along also although as you know that August is the month that almost all Spaniards take their vacation and so our attendance was smaller than normal. A new family started coming in September. Their names are Federico, Eli, Isaac, and Davilia. Pray for their spiritual growth as they came from a church that is not doctrinally sound.

Also, we are in desperate need of Spanish tracts. There are still many small towns and villages that we have not reached and we do not have enough to meet the need. If you can help with this urgent need of tracts, please have them sent to our field address in Spain. Bro. Eleazar Perez and I have passed out many tracts in the town of Monte Verner, but as of yet there has been no response. Pray that God would bless the tract distribution here in our area.

Praise God for answered prayer. In our last newsletter we mentioned that we were in need of someone to help us with the A.C.E. paces for our children since the church that was supplying them had closed. A pastor from Texas called recently and told me that his church was going to provide all the paces for us as a mission project. Our goal is to get them into their last year of school here and then return on furlough in the summer of 1997 and let them finish there in the States.

Hedwig Hassler, a dear Sister in the Lord, for Liechtenstein came down for a visit and was a real blessing to our family. She had taken her vacation to visit many of the missionaries here in Spain that her church supports or corresponds with. Her church is the one the Bro. James Griggers started some years back.

Also, our daughter, Rebekah had the opportunity to travel with some missionary friends to Hungary and participate in a conference with some other young people her age. It was a blessing to hear her tell how God had worked there and to see her excited once again about the things of God. She was able to meet other young teenagers of her age and also was able to encourage one young girl who had just arrived on the mission field with her family.

In closing, I want to thank each of you for your prayers and support for the ministry here in Spain.

Because of Calvary,

Bro. Joe Pillow and Family

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