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Rev. Gary W. Frey
"The South Texas Evangelist"
PO Box 296
Pleasanton, Texas 78064

NO. 59 NEWSLETTER.............................................................................................MARCH 24, 1997

A little while ago, Mrs. Frey, Faith, and I were in the backyard looking at HALE-BOPP the comet through binoculars. I could not help but think of Luke 21:25, "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the starts...". Yes, comet sightings have come and gone for centuries; however, I believe these sort of things will be on the increase, and not because of the improved awareness or methods of observation, but because of an increase of occurrence in the heavens.

Al though I am in favor of the advancement of technologies and science I believe, "The Hubble will run into trouble," as men continue to look deeper into space unto a point beyond God's will! Even more pointed is the fact that many of those that have leadership or influence in these space exploration programs do not believe in God as the Creator of all the marvelous, magnificent wonders that we see in space! Friends, I believe Genesis 1:1, "IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH." I also believe that we are living in days when we can claim Luke 21:28, "... and when these things come to pass, THEN LOOK UP, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

Lord willing, we will hold a "Son Rise Service" at 6:45 am on March 30, 1997. The Sanchez family have made available their large backyard, along Olmos Creek, for this "Open-Air" Service. The location is 1602 Dawnridge, off West Avenue, and you may call them at 826-4116 for directions.

That same Sunday, there will be an 11 am "Gospel Service" in a home on the South side of San Antonio. Then April 6th, we will hold morning and evening "Gospel Services" in Somerset at the Schimmell Park Pavilion. The following Sunday, April 13th, there will be Gospel Services held in Pleasanton. All this is Lord willing, of course.

As I mentioned in our last Newsletter, we will be holding Evangelistic Sunday Gospel Services in response to a lack of churches or where the existing churches do not appear to be: (1) Preaching the historic fundamentals of our Christian faith, (2) Warning against sin and worldliness, (3) going out with the Gospel in a real and zealous attempt to win the lost (As if there really was a hell), (4) Sharing the Gospel of God's free grace in "great plainness of speech" (2 Corinthians 11:3). We believe that God is leading here, and as we get more established in a "Circuit" around South Texas that many souls will be saved that would not be reached any other way! Any one who is sincerely seeking God, His Word, and His Will is welcome.

Let me say here that w believe that a spiritually-healthy Christian is a singing Christian or one that enjoys hearing the hymns of the faith and spiritual songs. As I mentioned in my last Newsletter, it is sad when preachers, evangelists, pastors or entire churches try to cover their lack of Holy Ghost Power, lack of soul-winning, or lack of convictions with singing. I should say also that I believe that much of the present day "Gospel signing" has evolved into sort of an "entertainment," the singers "mere entertainers," and the listeners, more or less, "keyed for entertainment." Sadly, all this is done at the expense of Godly worship in and by singing. My heart is with all who attempt to sing for God, and we enjoy all types of singing in our Christian services. However, what I am saying we believe is obvious, will continue to worsen if left unchecked, and I believe any honest-hearted Christian can see it. Again, God bless the singing, singers, and songs amongst our people, but let us be careful!

Revivals, as they generally are held today, can be placed in three categories: (1) A sort of overall good, fun, lively, happy time; (2) An evangelistic soul-winning time; (3) A time of encouragement, renewing old commitments, cleansing by confession at the altar, strengthening in sound doctrine by hearing the same old truths put into new presentation, sharpening and shaping up the lives of Christians to go forward in the work for Christ, with souls saved, baptisms, new memberships, and new commitments of service, prayer, and Bible reading along the way.

Now, be sure and understand these five things: (1) Categories #2 and #3 can have a lot of true joy, Spirit-gladness, and praising God; (2) Categories #2 and #3 are something that God is in and blesses as only He can; (3) Categories #2 and #3 are something that I would enjoy being a part of and want to be supportive of whether I have a part or not; (4) Category #2, I believe, is more of an evangelistic meeting, campaign, or crusade than what I would call a revival, and last, but not least; (5) I am a little wary of trying to categorize how Hod works in revival because He simply does what He wants, for He is the Almighty, but I do it in an attempt to help the preachers, people, and churches that I love. May God bless.

So now we come to the before now unmentioned 4th category which is a time when God comes upon a meeting in an unusual, powerful, present real, and miraculous way. This is what I call an "Old-fashioned" real, heaven-sent, Holy Ghost revival, and this is what I want. It is not in the preaching, it is not in the singing. It is not in the attendance numbers, and it is not in the souls saved. Now, all these things are either present or develop as "Old-fashioned" revival continues, but these factors in themselves, which we Christians today hang on to so desperately are not where the blessing or power is. It is when God simply comes upon a place, a people, or a meeting! It is G-O-D! It is unusual, it is phenomenal, but is real, and it is available to use today, just as it was in times past. The results are far more life-changing and long-lasting.

If you would want me to come and preach a #2 or #3 type meeting for revival, then tell me plainly. There is nothing to seem apologetic about, but I or any other evangelist has to know what they who ask them to preach really and truly want. I would feel honored and privileged to preach a #2 or #3 type meeting for folks, but do not act like you want a #4 "Old-fashioned" revival, when secretly you are not willing to pay the cost, do what it takes, for I would definitely ,beyond doubt, preach differently and handle the meeting in a different way.

Our daughter, Faith, will be graduating next year if our Lord allows her. She is seeking to know God's Will concerning going off to college, and if so, which college. We are looking to God to supply the finances she needs if He directs her to college. By God's grace, she scored in the upper tenth in the nation on her ACT assessment. We will wait and see what the Lord has for her, according to Psalms 37:3-4.

Last week while visiting my dear mother, Lillie Frey, whose health is rather fragile being over 80 with Rheumatoid arthritis and a few other problems, I asked her, "I guess you are not able to read your Bible much any more." To this she replied that she still reads about a chapter a day. I know that this is only by God's good grace. It was my dear mother that years ago led me to see that salvation was by God's grace, not our works, through faith alone in Jesus Christ.

Believe, the Christian life starts by God's grace, continues through His grace, and ends in His grace. It is just the grace of God that any of us are saved and going to Heaven when we die! It is just the grace of God that any of us are alive, and that we have whatever health we have! It is just the grace of God that any of us have any Spirituality, bible knowledge, souls saved, or Spiritual abilities! It is all God, all Grace! Praise God! Bless His Holy Name!

Thanks be unto God, through some special finances that we have received, the work on our vehicles has started, some work on the house has been accomplished, and the literature ministry advanced. It is with much care and prayer that we spend special and/or designated finances on special and/or designated needs. All this still leaves us living by faith in God daily, looking for His daily or weekly provision.

By conviction, we do NOT sell things in our ministry, we do NOT write letters assking for money, we do NOT call things free, then suggest a gift of a certain amount, we do NOT charge for any of our ministering of the Gospel. And we do NOT pass a plate at any of our services. "FREELY YE HAVE RECEIVED, FREELY GIVE," -Matthew 10:8

We are NOT tax-deductible. "FOR WE WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT," 2 Corinthians 5:7.

Therefore, please pray for us, for our finances, for our protection, and pray that Mrs. Frey, Faith, and I would BE ENDUED WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH," ACCORDING TO LUKE 24:49.

May God bless you my beloved.

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