By Pastor Nichols

If there is one “sacred cow” in America, it has to be education. To hear our politicians and other leaders talk, you would think that education is the universal panacea. It is the cure-all for our problems. If we can simply educate everyone adequately, all our problems will be solved. Every societal ill that we have is laid at the doorstep of inadequate education. Meanwhile, for anyone who is willing to sit up and take notice, we have more education than we have ever had in the history of America, and more problems than we have ever had.

The fact is that the liberals and the humanists have used the tool of the public education system more than any other tool (with the possible exception of the mass media) in the past 50-75 years (and especially the past 25-30 years) to advance their evil agenda (which they claim does not even exist). Their idea of a quality education is to shove their viewpoints down the throats of students (at taxpayer expense) without the opposing viewpoint (which is usually also the accurate viewpoint) being allowed to be mentioned. Example after example could be cited: evolution is taught as fact, while creation cannot be mentioned; any type of sex (so-called) education can be taught except Biblical morality; etc.; etc.

I thought the following Biblical facts about education to be extremely interesting in view of our modern obsession with education: 1. Lack of proper knowledge (i.e., knowledge of God and His Word) leads to destruction (Hos. 4:6) 2. False knowledge (i.e., the wrong kind of knowledge) perverts and turns people from God, and is thus worse than no knowledge (Isa. 47:10) 3. The first temptation (which led to man’s fall) was a temptation toward the wrong kind of knowledge (Gen. 2:9,16-17; 3:4-6) 4. True wisdom (the wisdom of God) is diametrically opposed to false wisdom (the wisdom of the world; i.e., humanistic wisdom) (I Cor. 2:6-7) 5. Humanistic wisdom is foolishness with God (I Cor. 1:20; 3:19) 6. Humanistic knowledge and wisdom tend to pride (I Cor. 8:1) 7. A person can learn endlessly and yet not come to a knowledge of the truth (II Tim. 3:7) 8. One can have much knowledge and yet be a fool (Prov. 1:7; Jer. 10:14; Rom. 1:22) 9. All true knowledge and wisdom is found in Jesus Christ (Col. 2:3)

The fact is that education itself is not the answer to our problems. The proper kind of education (i.e., that which leads one to obedience to the Word of God) is a step in the right direction. This is why Sunday School, preaching services, Christian school, etc., are all tools which can help us; let us be sure that the education and knowledge that we are partakers and promoters of is the right kind of education and knowledge.

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